We invest in building new infrastructure and repurposing high-quality legacy assets that are required for the net-zero economy.

As one of the first movers in industrial decarbonization investing, we have a front row seat in a market that is now ripe for infrastructure capital. Ara Infrastructure is the natural extension of our private equity strategy, enabling us to unlock value across a wider industrial value chain. It addresses the growing need for asset-focused investment as well as providing the fastest and most economical route to meet global climate targets.

Creating value in the mid-market

The opportunity in the middle market is growing.

Traditional investors have vacated this space following the growth of the infrastructure asset class over the past decade. Industry is fragmented and a mid-market specialist approach is required. This is what we do.

Our experience across both strategies and expertise in project delivery gives us an advantage. We help businesses build high-value decarbonization assets and achieve significant scale, creating attractive investment opportunities for a wider buyer landscape.

Investment criteria

Our established reputation as a standout partner gives us access to the highest-quality investment opportunities, where we see a clear path to value creation.

Portfolio Highlights

USD Clean Fuels

Scaling the distribution of low-carbon fuels across North America to support the energy transition.

Area of focus

Our strategies are closely aligned to tackle high-polluting areas of the industrial economy. 

We target the same sectors as our private equity strategy (industrial and manufacturing, chemicals and materials, food and agriculture, energy efficiency and green fuels), with a specific focus on three investment themes where we see significant opportunity.

Low-carbon molecules

The production of low-carbon fuels – including biofuels, renewable natural gas and hydrogen – and its supporting infrastructure provides multiple attractive investment opportunities, where markets are experiencing exponential growth off the back of government legislation.

Select opportunities include:

  • Repurposing fuel logistics infrastructure to account for changing product flows, new fuel grades, and blending infrastructure to facilitate the combination of biofuels into the broader fuels stream
  • Using proven technologies to produce renewable natural gas
  • Import and export infrastructure required to adequately stage, liquefy, offload, and distribute low carbon hydrogen across Europe and North America

Waste to X

The diversion of waste streams from landfills to alternative uses can deliver significant decarbonization results through the compounding effect of avoided landfill methane emissions and the incremental carbon savings stemming from the alternative use case.

Opportunities include:

  • Landfill gas collection infrastructure harnessing biogas that can be injected into the natural gas grid to reduce the need for conventionally produced natural gas
  • Engineered fuel facilities diverting pre-consumer industrial waste streams to create alternative fuels for difficult-to-decarbonize segments of industry, such as cement and lime manufacturing

Decarbonization solutions

Our everyday economy is built upon several essential networks, including transportation (e.g., ports, rail systems), energy (e.g., district heating grids) and data (e.g., data centers fiber cables). Each of these networks is continuously evolving and must be decarbonized with energy-efficient infrastructure.

Opportunities include:

  • Streamlining existing supply chains to reduce transit or idling times across ports and destination warehouses
  • Automated and electric-powered equipment for drayage at marine ports, displacing emissions from diesel-fuelled trucks etc.

Our team

Diverse and experienced
senior team

We have a proven, high-caliber team with extensive expertise in infrastructure investing. Our partners have over 17 years’ experience on average, supported by the strength and depth of our wider operating functions – from project delivery to carbon accounting.


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