Generating returns and reducing carbon emissions

Most investments aimed at combating the climate crisis target reimagining the electric power generation sector. At Ara Partners, our private equity investments focus on the broader industrial economy, which contributes the majority of global carbon emissions, but is often overlooked. These areas are ripe for decarbonization and represent multi-decade investment opportunities.

Strategy and Approach
of global CO2 emissions come from outside of the power sector *

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World class team of industry specialists

Ara Partners includes a strong roster of industry veterans with the technical, operational, and private equity expertise to see value in investment opportunities that others may not. Our small, nimble team makes it easy for us to move quickly and remain flexible in our collaborations with portfolio companies.

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Ara Partners works collaboratively with management teams to help companies solve complex industry challenges with technology and innovation. We know that no single process is too small to make a big difference towards reducing carbon emissions and fostering a cleaner economy.