Builder and operator specialisms

We help businesses deliver construction projects that create value and scale.

Our team brings a wealth of technical, engineering, process and operations experience to each investment to oversee the delivery of new plants and infrastructure. We guide our partners through a best-in-class approach to project development, execution, start up and operations, ensuring physical assets are delivered on time, on budget and produce quality product at designed rates.


active projects (from $1M to $800M in total installed costs)

Track record

projects delivered by our Portfolio Services (APS) team


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Ara Portfolio Services (APS)

We provide specialist technical and operational capabilities.

Building new plants or repurposing industrial assets at scale is a complex process, and often a new experience for our portfolio companies.

APS uses standardized processes, systems and tools to help deliver these projects as seamlessly as possible. We also advise companies on the buildout of their key project team and industry partners to ensure the right integrated team is in place to deliver our projects. Our projects are an important part of delivering the decarbonization purpose of each company.

We follow a fine-tuned approach to project delivery.

Our APS Playbook aligns each business’ growth plans with its own project development objectives. We utilize best-in-class industry processes, systems, tools and people to create value for our portfolio companies at both a strategic and operational level.

Utilizing industry data sets for engineering and construction alongside our portfolio of projects past and present allows us to develop best-in-class execution practices tailored to the needs of our portfolio partners.

Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality controls (HSEQ)

We work with each business to get a clear understanding of their HSEQ maturity and to develop action plans to strengthen their resilience. These cover everything from systems and processes to values and culture, underpinned by training and development programs.

We also help our portfolio companies track key metrics against globally recognized standards. This data plays an important part in driving improved performance and building best in-class businesses that get recognized by independent rating agencies.

Capital project delivery framework

At the center of our approach is a tried and tested stage-gated model. We guide businesses through a five-stage process, from determining the viability of a project and exploring alternative options, through to concept design, value engineering and execution.

Nine additional decision factors (or ‘Elements’) are also considered at each stage, used to define, describe and document the project. This approach is how we have been able to deliver hundreds of successful, high-value assets – on time and on budget.

Manufacturing excellence

Building an asset is just the beginning. We help our portfolio companies to optimize their processes, leverage technology and maximize productivity to enhance their value. We facilitate an Operational Readiness Review (ORR) to ensure each business has the foundations in place to sustain its assets after start-up.

We also look for opportunities to capture further improvements through implementing advanced operational technologies and Operational Management Systems (OMS) to deliver improved uptime, increased productivity and better energy efficiency.

Talent and leadership development

We support our businesses in developing the management structures and in-house skills that are required to deliver successful projects. We facilitate the review of a businesses’ internal and external project team to assist leadership with contracting strategies, incentive structures and organizational set-up.

Our Team

Experienced team with specialist expertise

APS brings together >$400bn in CAPEX project experience with companies such as Exxon, Abbots and GE. Our team covers a wide range of specialties, including engineering, procurement, construction contracting, project commissioning, commercial development and engineering support, HSEQ and human capital development.

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