We optimize operational performance and deliver long-term decarbonization plans.

Our approach helps to build future-fit businesses that minimize risk through tailored decarbonization measurement and management. Our focus on decarbonization helps create significant growth opportunities for our companies – reducing costs, stimulating demand for low carbon products and services, and unlocking access to new markets.


reduction in GHG emissions at the product, service or asset level compared to the market incumbent


active investments


metric tonnes Co2e reduced in 2023

Decarbonization measurement 

We take a holistic valuation of decarbonizaiton alongside financial metrics.

We are continually working to design and develop new data models that can improve the way we measure decarbonization results. Our methodologies provide a standardized, framework-aligned approach to estimating each business’ emissions and waste reduction potential. It helps us to select the right investments at due diligence, benchmark performance and identify new decarbonization opportunities.  

Emissions reduction

We calculate the carbon intensity of an investment’s products and services and analyze the realized and projected GHG emissions reduction compared to the current market solutions.  

Waste mitigation

We support each of our businesses to report and measure its primary procurement and waste data using GRI metrics. We then calculate our own ownership weighted WRP based on our equity share in the business. 

Operating data

We monitor over 100 KPIs aligned with leading market standards.

Our operational assessment methodology provides a customized approach for each of our portfolio companies. We use a cloud-based data management platform to identify material sustainability and decarbonization themes, and highlight value creation risks and opportunities.

Portfolio Highlights


Investing in a new wave of technologies bolstering efficient and sustainable food systems.

Carbon measurement

We improve how businesses measure and manage GHG emissions. 

We collect and calculate physical climate risks, including materiality and financial impact, and scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions. We also oversee lifecycle assessments (LCAs) to capture a company’s product carbon intensity. This provides a strong baseline to help define more accurate and effective carbon reduction objectives and learn more about about its footprint at different parts of the supply chain. We use these insights to make business model design decisions, from commercial strategy and sales to product development. 

Maximizing decarbonization potential

We help businesses to maximize their decarbonization potential.

We work with each company to implement a decarbonization framework. We align with them on shared expectations and establish a baseline level in due diligence and reporting, before helping to develop an action plan and manage their performance.

Decarbonization performance plans

We work with management teams to drive value through the development of annual decarbonization performance plans. The ambition level of each plan is tailored to the company’s operational readiness and commercial maturity. We differentiate between early stage companies and revenue generating businesses with scaled operations and established decarbonization models.

Forward-looking strategy

We want to enable our businesses to deliver long-term decarbonization results – beyond our hold period. We develop industry-leading carbon operating models grounded in data management, clear decarbonization pathways, impact-focused governance and best-in-class reporting frameworks. Once these foundational elements are in place, we help steer companies towards minimizing their operational carbon footprint and maximizing their GHG emissions reduction potential – long into the future.

Partnerships and standards alignment

We continue to optimize our measurement and management framework.

Our approach is aligned to industry-leading standards to ensure data quality, consistency and transparency. We also partner with industry thought leaders to drive innovation in impact measurement and advance the decarbonization agenda in the private equity industry.

Our team

Driving decarbonization returns

Our team is focused on delivering decarbonization strategies and improving operational practices across our portfolio. We operate at the forefront of decarbonization, continuing to explore new processes and methodologies that push businesses towards better performance.

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