Investor expertise

We help companies develop commercial strategies and operating best practices to drive profitable growth and impact.

Our teams work closely alongside the wider Ara network to add value to each investment. Our depth of experience across decarbonization investing and best-in-class capabilities helps accelerate the development of our portfolio companies into high-valuesustainableindependent companies. 

Building a platform for success

We help our companies to strengthen the foundations of their operations, creating the right platform to build on.

Portfolio Highlights

USD Clean Fuels

Scaling the distribution of low-carbon fuels across North America to support the energy transition.

Value creation toolkit

Best-in-class capabilities in high value areas.

Our deal teams provide tactical, strategic and financial guidance to unlock new value creation opportunities across the portfolio.  

Organic Growth

We enhance our portfolio companies’ competitive edge, driving revenue growth and facilitating expansion into new areas while fostering innovation.

  • Manufacturing capacity expansion
  • Market intelligence
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Wallet share capture
  • Price & volume analyses
  • Product line expansion
  • Entering into new markets and geographies
  • R&D pipeline

Mergers & Acquisitions

We guide portfolio companies through the elements that are crucial for successful deal-making and strategic business expansion.

  • Deal sourcing and identification
  • Due diligence and execution
  • Deal structuring and financing
  • Industry research and analysis
  • Growth capital
  • International relationships
  • Legal and financial expertise

Cost Optimization

We focus on improving operational efficiency, reducing expenses and enhancing profitability, thereby strengthening the financial health of our portfolio companies.

  • Supply chain management
  • Pricing strategy
  • Margin analysis
  • Fixed / variable cost optimization
  • SG&A rationalization
  • Footprint rationalization

Cash Management

We drive long-term profitability and sustainable growth by enhancing stakeholder engagement, managing human resources effectively, and ensuring efficient use of capital.

  • Working capital management
  • Capex efficiency analysis
  • Capital markets expertise
  • Investor and lender relations
  • Cost of capital optimization
  • Finance department best practices

Commercial services

We craft commercial strategies aligned to unique market opportunities.

We support marketing and brand development, as well as assisting in the design and support of commercial organizational structures. Leveraging our extensive network, we also facilitate strategic partnerships and provide access to commercial tools and opportunities. We guide the establishment of offtake agreements, essential for securing predictable revenue streams, and help set and monitor key performance metrics.

Built to Decarbonize

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