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We accelerate the growth of businesses that can deliver standout performance while decarbonizing the industrial economy.

Our approach provides the capital and expertise that is required to bridge the gap between IP and real, producing assets. We help businesses build new production plants or processes, scale the systems that support their growth and strengthen their organizational set up. We are an early-mover and industry leader in this space, with a record of helping to develop high-value businesses that are changing the way industries operate.


years focused solely on industrial decarbonization


active investments


active projects (from $1m to $800m in total installed costs)

We commercialize technologies and back businesses that help these grow.

Our strategies recognize the need to scale decarbonization solutions across the entire value chain. We are providing the capital and skills to help accelerate the growth of new, proven technologies, as well as supporting the businesses that underpin a lower-carbon economy.  

Process Technology Rollouts (PTRs)

We support companies that have developed process technologies to become full industrial enterprises. We help these businesses to scale and build new plants, guiding them through the planning and execution at all stages of the process while identifying new opportunities to improve their decarbonization potential.

Decarbonization enablers

These businesses are the catalysts for delivering industrial decarbonization, providing essential products and services to the wider decarbonization ecosystem. We partner with companies as their first institutional owner, strengthening the fundamentals of their business and driving growth.

Investment criteria

Our established reputation as a standout partner gives us access to the highest-quality investment opportunities.

Portfolio Highlights


Supporting a leading producer of magnetic component parts required to decarbonize the economy.

Target sectors

We focus on decarbonizing high-polluting industrial sectors.

Our investments target areas of the economy that can achieve significant decarbonization results by increasing energy, resource and process efficiency.

Industrial and manufacturing

Hundreds of industry subsectors must find cleaner ways to make the products the world relies on. We invest in companies that are providing consumer products, building materials and industrial commodities that dramatically reduce or eliminate the emissions and waste associated with current processes.

Opportunities include:

  • Finding green manufacturing alternatives for the production of essential industrial commodities such as steel, cement, lumber and packaging
  • Providing services to industrial companies seeking to reduce emissions
  • Investing in advanced materials to reduce the environmental footprint of a host of manufactured goods
  • Technological solutions to reduce energy requirements in manufacturing and industrial processes

Chemicals and materials

We invest in businesses that can decarbonize the chemicals and materials industry while continuing to produce products at attractive prices. We help to scale the production of innovative materials and processes that reduce operating costs, improve profits and contribute to a lower-carbon future.

Opportunities include:

  • Manufacturing recycled plastics, green fuels and chemicals from waste streams
  • Plant designs that dramatically reduce energy consumption and associated emissions
  • New process technologies that reduce or eliminate carbon emissions associated with the manufacturing of chemicals and fuel
  • Advanced manufacturing processes that enable the production of green fuels and chemicals at a reduced cost

Food and

The world is producing more food than ever before – as well as more emissions throughout the supply chain. We invest in products and services that offer near-term carbon reductions through more efficient food processes and transport, increased land productivity, and less food waste.

Opportunities include:

  • Leveraging alternatives to carbon-intensive processes for food and additives production
  • Converting food waste to energy or alternative, useful products
  • Diversifying cropping systems and more efficient use of fertilizers to lower the carbon footprint of field crops
  • Improving preservation and packaging to avoid food waste

Energy efficiencyand green fuels

We invest in energy efficient technologies and solutions that provide more reliable, differentiated and sustainable energy to commercial and industrial customers – from the transition to a renewable grid, to energy-dense liquid fuels that power large global transportation systems.

Opportunities include:

  • Reducing energy consumption through advanced technology
  • Advancing hydrogen, advanced biofuels and ammonia generation and combustion for clean, low-carbon long-haul fuels
  • Replacing higher carbon energy sources with low-carbon solutions
  • Leveraging waste-to-value opportunities for low-carbon fuels in surface transportation, shipping, and aviation

Our team

Unrivaled experience in industrial investing

Our strategy is led by a team of seasoned, proven professionals. Combined with our expertise across the wider business, we are uniquely positioned to accelerate the growth of companies making critical contributions to industrial decarbonization.

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