Industrial decarbonization

We tackle the industrial sectors of the economy that are complex to decarbonize and often overlooked.

The world is at a pivotal moment in our approach to decarbonization. To date, the industrials sector has attracted less than ten per cent of all climate-focused capital, despite being responsible for well over half of global CO2 emissions. Our investments focus on the ‘green molecule’ vs. the ‘green electron’ to address this imbalance.


Global CO2 emissions are produced by the industrials sector.

Source: Our World in Data

Generational investment opportunity

A huge increase in decarbonization investment is required to meet global climate commitments.

Much of this depends on commercializing existing technologies in the near-term. Our strategy capitalizes on the need to replace high-emissions products and processes with low-emissions alternatives – at cost-parity or better.

We take a dual approach to industrial decarbonization.

We focus on two primary decarbonization pathways that are integrated and evaluated across all of our investments, as well as exploring sector-specific material considerations for each business.

Given the time-value of carbon, climate mitigation in the next decade is critical.

All our portfolio companies offer scalable decarbonization solutions with either direct or enabled GHG emissions mitigation effects. Measuring this allows for a holistic valuation of decarbonization alongside financial metrics and provides our portfolio companies with key carbon data for ‘green premium’ capture.


metric tonnes CO2e reduced in 2023

Equivalent to

passenger vehicles driven for one year

The transition to the circular economy creates a key market for material-efficient industrial solutions.

Some of our portfolio companies offer impact benefits via waste mitigation effects. To properly measure decarbonization for companies with material waste reduction attributes, we use a holistic calculation approach accounting for avoided emissions, waste reduced and circular materials produced.


metric tonnes of waste reduced in 2023

Equivalent to

garbage trucks

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