Jérôme Schmitt

Operating Partner

Jérôme has more than 30 years of experience in the energy and mobility value chain, primarily focused on finance, sustainability and business streams.

He is currently chairman of C-4WARD, a company dedicated to accelerating transitions, working with world scale investment funds, global institutions and initiatives and start-ups on their energy transition and sustainability journey.

Jérôme was previously Head of IR (2004-2009), Group Treasurer and Head of Financing (2009-2012), and Head of M&A (2019-2021) of TotalEnergies.  He has also been Chief Sustainability officer of TotalEnergies (2013-2016), and chairman of OGCI Executive Committee until 2021, developing the first Climate and Net Zero road maps of the industry.  Jérôme worked for several years to develop and finance gas value chain projects in the Middle East & Asia and created and led the Net Zero Businesses division of TotalEnergies (2016-2019), as well as its dedicated venture fund.