Investing in enterprises that reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Ara Partners invests in companies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions while making everyday products at competitive prices. As the world moves to reduce emissions, hundreds of industry subsectors will find cleaner ways to make the products we rely on. Ara seeks companies providing consumer products, building materials and industrial commodities that eliminate the emissions and waste associated with current manufacturers processes.

Ara’s portfolio companies are able to capture market share from existing competitors by manufacturing essential products at low prices with next-generation clean technologies.

Opportunities to invest in sustainable production

The industrial sector accounts for 43% of global CO2 emissions. With 86% of the S&P 500 now filing sustainability reports, the race to decarbonize manufacturing facilities and supply chains is on. Opportunities include:

Finding green manufacturing alternatives for the production of essential industrial commodities such as steel, cement, lumber and packaging

Investing in advanced materials to reduce the environmental footprint of a host of manufactured goods

Providing services to industrial companies seeking to reduce emissions

Technological solutions to reducing energy requirements in manufacturing and industrial processes

Explore solutions for reducing carbon emissions in Ara Partners’ target sectors: