Investing in a smart energy future

Energy efficiency is a fast and affordable way to decarbonize the global economy. Integration of smart, automated grid assets is accelerating the transition into an increasingly renewable grid. Ara Partners invests in energy efficient technologies and solutions that provide more reliable, differentiated and sustainable energy to commercial and industrial customers – from electric and solar power generation to green fuels.

Developing green fuels to power the transportation of tomorrow

The future of clean transportation requires low-carbon liquid fuels. Ara Partners invests in companies capable of manufacturing low-cost green fuels at scale. While electric vehicles will be vital to a low-carbon planet, energy dense liquid fuels will also be needed to fuel ships, planes, trucks, trains, and other large transportation systems. Opportunities include:

Reducing energy consumption through advanced technology

Replacing higher carbon energy sources with low carbon solutions

Advancing hydrogen and ammonia generation and combustion for clean, low-carbon long-haul fuels

Leveraging waste-to-value opportunities for low-carbon fuels in surface transportation, shipping, and aviation

Explore solutions for decarbonization in Ara Partners’ target sectors: