Investing in a cleaner food system

The global food and agricultural sectors represent 13% of direct global greenhouse gas emissions, according to the IEA. Ara Partners invests in products and services that offer near-term carbon reductions through more efficient food processes and transport, increased land productivity, and less food waste.

Opportunities for reducing food and agricultural carbon emissions

The world has a greater abundance of food than ever before in human history. However, realizing that abundance with today’s processes results in carbon emissions throughout the supply chain at an ever increasing level. Solutions are emerging to create a more efficient and sustainable food system. Opportunities include:

Leveraging alternatives to carbon-intensive processes for food and additives production

Using diversified cropping systems and improving fertilizer use efficiency to lower the carbon footprint of field crops

Converting food waste to energy

Avoiding food waste via improved preservation and packaging

Explore solutions for reducing carbon emissions in Ara Partners’ target sectors: