Reducing carbon emissions from industry

As corporations continue to work towards aggressive carbon reduction targets, demand for decarbonization solutions is at an all-time high. Ara Partners targets sectors of the economy that are overlooked by the majority of investors, but hold promise for reducing carbon emissions by increasing energy, resource and process efficiency.

Industrial & Manufacturing

A low-carbon future requires more efficient and resource-conscious methods of manufacturing the products on which we rely.

Chemicals & Materials

Chemicals and materials production should extend the life cycle of our natural resources and have a lower carbon footprint.

Food & Agriculture

New technologies and processes can create a food system that’s more resource-efficient and climate-resilient.

Energy Efficiency & Green Fuels

Energy efficiency and cleaner fuels are a fast and affordable way to decarbonize our economy and increase the use of renewable energy.

Building great companies

Ara Partners designs each investment with company management, bringing high technical aptitude and strategic expertise to the table. We partner with businesses that have the ability to scale and become world-class companies with global impact, moving us toward our goal of decarbonizing the economy.