Why buyouts and growth equity investments

The time to decarbonize the planet is now. By investing in near-term improvements in the carbon intensity of key sectors, including industrial & manufacturing and food & agriculture, Ara Partners is seizing the moment to decarbonize the global economy. Exclusively targeting growth stage and industrial buyout opportunities supports this vision. We believe experienced, forward-thinking business operators with a solution ready to scale will make the biggest and most immediate impact on the path to decarbonization.

Fostering strong, trust-based relationships to reach a common goal

We partner with innovative teams deploying proven technologies ready to address critical issues of decarbonization. Alongside growth capital investments, we bring deep industry, operating, and technical expertise, extensive networks, and direct support to build businesses quickly in our target sectors. Our collaborations provide our portfolio companies with the tools to ensure their decarbonization products and services will succeed in industrial settings.

Meet the Ara Partners' team

Transparent, innovative, trusted

Ara Partners works collaboratively with management teams to help companies solve complex industry challenges with technology and innovation. We know that no single process is too small to make a big difference towards reducing carbon emissions and fostering a cleaner economy.

Our unique approach to decarbonizing the framework of global industry

Ara Partners does not fit within infrastructure funds’ conventional project financing role. We seek breakouts within the industrial sector that can decarbonize their respective fields, and form partnerships with those management teams to turn their emerging methods into best practices.