What investing in a low-carbon economy looks like

Decarbonization investment strategies make economic sense. Ara Partners invests in companies that manufacture today’s everyday products with tomorrow’s low-carbon and cost-saving technology. In today’s economy, low-carbon investments are essential to ensuring a sustained competitive advantage. Ara’s portfolio companies sharply reduce or eliminate carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide emissions from existing processes, offering immediate, quantifiable environmental benefits.


Accelerating the low-carbon transition

Anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions are driving rapid climate change. Funding is flooding into renewable energy and electric vehicles to combat these impacts, but a decarbonized planet depends on much more than green power and transport. We must learn to make every product in our economy, from food to fuel, without the emissions and waste produced with our existing manufacturing methods. Ara is investing in companies that are creating new processes and products to decarbonize essential industries around the world.

Learn how Ara Partners identifies low-carbon investments

Ara Partners excels at matching traditional industries with adaptable structures, technologies, and teams that will drive change forward. Our team’s decades of experience allow us to simply see high-growth investment opportunities that other firms cannot. We understand the nuances of industry and what low-carbon transitions will succeed.